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What Is Windows 11 Blue Screen? How To Fix BSOD Error On Your PC

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If you see a black screen after login, something is affecting your Windows operating system while it’s trying to load your desktop and icons. Usually, it’s an application that’s loading automatically. To disable it, press the Ctrl + Alt + Delete buttons simultaneously, and select Task Manager.

  • One beep technically means that your computer has successfully passed the POST (Power-on self-test).
  • If you have been facing issues with the computer, from an application crashing frequently to a BSOD error, the Windows 11 error logs download from here could help find the underlying cause.
  • Windows Defender, Windows 10’s default antivirus, can also be a good option to scan your system and fix a blue screen.

Disable all the running startup programs in the Task Manager. Repeat until all the apps have been disabled. Not all bugs are equal, however, and some errors on Windows 10 are serious enough to make affected users throw their hands over their heads in dismay or cover their faces in horror. According to many people who’ve gone through the Windows 10 rollercoaster, the absolute worst of the lot is the blue screen of death. With Driver Booster, you can just update the device driver in two steps. Search automatically for updated driver software and wait for the result.

Part 2. Recover Files after Fixing Blue Screen on PC

Every computer has a safe mode option where the system only uses the program and hardware necessary to load the computer. It ignores all other additional programs that you have installed. As I mentioned earlier, many users started receiving BSOD errors after they updated their PC from automatic updates. If the BSOD began appearing in your system right after you installed the updates, then you can follow the instruction to delete that specific update. If it does, then some third-party apps must be conflicting with it. Hence, uninstall such programs to fix Windows 10 blue screen error.

Last week, for example, my normally reliable Surface Book began producing BSOD errors while I was 2,000 miles from home. Had I reimaged the hard disk, I would have lost my applications and the data stored on the machine’s hard disk. After receiving user reports about the after blue screen error Reset Windows 10Microsoft has released an update to fix it. Users are recommended to update to the latest version fix blue screen error after resetting Windows 10. After updates are installed, at the moment users pair their updated Windows client device with a new mobile phone or audio device via Bluetooth. Remove any recently updated or installed drivers .

Can’t access safe mode using keyboard function keys

Remove any peripherals that may be causing the BSOD. Start by disconnecting printers, scanners, USB devices, and external storage from your PC. For example, if you bought a new stick of RAM, use your old one. Likewise, if you bought a new graphics card, revert to the previous one or use your onboard video options.

How to Disable Vbs in Windows 11 and Improve Game Performance

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